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The predecessor of Fábafém Industrial and Commercial LLC known as Fábafém Limited Partnership were established in 1993 by two contractors who have associated their business partners and technical assets. Our company was named after the main activity at the time of the establishment which was production of various furniture fittings made of metal. We became well known in the furniture industry along the years thanks to the good quality of our products and the accuracy of our deliveries. As we have exploited the market opportunities by nowadays our scale of services largely expanded.

Based on our success in the furniture industry we decided to develop our technical assets with CNC (Computer Numeric Control) workstations in order to increase our production and to serve different sectors with good quality mass produced items. These developments continuously increased our revenue therefore in two step we had the opportunity to build our new modern workshop, in 2011. an 1650m2 than in 2014. an 850m2.

Fábafém LLC has 70 employees and the owners are actively participating in the operation of the company. Our revenue in 2016 exceeded the amount of NET 2,4 million EUR and we have significantly increased our production capacity every year since the establishment. However we are aware of the fact that the market does not praises the past and we have to face further challenges which in our case means to further develop technically and to increase our production capacity. With continuous developments we are dedicated to keep hold on to our gained market share and to expand it by establishing relationships with new Partners and by maintaining our good relationship with our existing Partners.